Bean2Brew Premium Blend

Premium Blend

Whether it's a reflection moment during the day, the start of a meeting, or a real way to connect with a colleague, we know you are looking for options and experiences. Let us help you, with Canteen, are the pioneers in providing transformational artisanal coffee and unique experiences. Let the exquisite fragrances of our Bean2Brew Premium Blend sourced from Western Ghats, take you on a journey of love and care. Choose from our two special blends, depending on your preferred level of chicory. Close your eyes and feel the scent and get lost in its taste.

Our Purpose

We are on a mission to build and nurture a community of lifelong coffee lovers. We are excited to share our love of craftsmanship with true coffee lovers. We are true to the beginnings of our artisan brewery with a true commitment to freshly brewed coffee made from scratch and unmatched hospitality. Our Filtered Coffee Powder is made with premium quality ground and roasted beans from Western Ghats farms. It has a fragrant, chocolatey flavor and contains 80% coffee and 20% chicory.

80% coffee. 20% chicory. 100% bliss.

Provide the rich and distinctive taste of our unique 20% chicory coffee blend. When mixed with selected beans, chicory delivers a textured nectar and an inviting scent of warm cedar. For your health conscious clients, we offer ample amounts of dietary fiber. Wherever you are, we will definitely, subconsciously transfer you to the lush plantations in Western Ghats.

We do care about the coffee you are passionate about and providing Beverage solutions. Get in touch with us