About Us

The mixes that we prepare are famous for their unique taste and wonderful flavor. For more than a decade, our customers have enjoyed perfectly brewed cups of coffee. Mr. Revanna M C, an agriculturist & a planter learned all aspects including roasting, blending, and most importantly customer service, then he later started his own coffee company. Because of which he was able to combine knowledge gained from coffee grounds for the benefit of clients. This commitment to excellence allowed Suma's Coffee to become a household name. Even today, we continue to honor the tradition by sourcing the finest quality coffee beans from the Western Ghats and roasting them using the latest technology to create a unique set of signature blends.

How We Brew Our Unique Blend


A coffee bean is nothing but a seed that is dried and ground to make coffee


The finest quality berries are hand picked and harvested


The harvested beans are more processed, and only the best are forging their way


The harvested beans are dried for 10-12 days

Grinding the grains

Before the beans are ready for export, the beans are processed

Beans export

Before the beans are ready for export, the beans are well processed

Roasting and grinding

Roasting the beans makes them aromatic and is done at 550 ° F. Grind is done to get the best flavor of the coffee in a cup


Now you can brew your favorite coffee and enjoy its delicious taste

3 Easy Steps To Get Started

Let us know you are ready for the best possible break

We will meet with you to review your service needs and space requirements

Make a plan for you and then agree on what happens next

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